Yoga for your pregnancy

Asanas (yoga postures) focus on spinal alignment and the re-distribution of weight throughout the body as your baby grows. Prananyama (breathing techniques) are learned to utilize throughout your pregnancy, the three stages of labour and later in your parenting, as well as yoga nidra (mental and physical relaxation techniques).

The power of pregnancy yoga

Throughout the class reasons for the practices performed are discussed and time is given to allow the participants to genuinely experience the power of the yoga practice by combining the breath with the movement of the body. Each session runs in accordance with the due dates of the women present with special practices such as the 'Golden Thread' and 'Birthing Breath' breathing practices learned to help prepare the women's spontaneous breath for labour.

Pregnancy yoga group dynamic

The group dynamic is very important and Love Baby Yoga creates a warm and welcoming space which will hopefully become a weekly time to sink deeply into nurturing yourself and having the time to connect with and nurture the baby growing within you. The classes run for an hour but please do allow an hour and a half for discussion afterwards and time to make new friendships.


What is baby yoga?

In a Love Baby Yoga baby yoga class there is a balance between stretching and relaxing sequences with fun songs and rhymes which are coordinated with the movements. The nurturing tactile stimulation which takes place during a class helps to contribute to the development of the baby's brain and the nervous system.

How young children learn

During early childhood children learn with their bodies before they learn with their minds. Physical activity and experience helps to develop pathways between the brain and the body that will support posture, balance and even the ability to control eye movements for the remainder of their lives.

Yoga for new mothers

The classes also include yoga for new mothers, which promote an in depth toning of the pelvic and back muscles through postures that can be used at home with your baby.
Dads and carer's are very welcome too and will benefit equally from the yoga and the interaction with their baby.

'Be' with your baby

Love Baby Yoga baby yoga classes encourage the parents to establish eye contact as much as possible throughout the session.
The classes provide an opportunity for the parent or carer to completely 'be' with their baby. It has been proven that baby's who receive nurturing touch through holding, massage and other forms of loving physical contact gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development.

Copy credited to Mandy Adams