When can I start classes - Pregnancy Yoga? 

After your first trimester has passed when your baby has settled themselves nicely into your growing uterus and the extreme fatigue and tiredness of early pregnancy is starting to lift. This will be on your 14th week of pregnancy and you can start anytime from then. 


When can I start classes - Baby Yoga?

After your baby has gained a degree of head control which can be anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks old, with 12 weeks being the benchmark when all babies will be ready. This also gives you time to come through your fourth trimester of pregnancy when your body has settled into a feeding pattern with your baby (whether breast or bottle) and your pelvis settled after delivery. 


When can I keep coming to class until - Baby Yoga?  

Until your baby becomes mobile, that is crawling, shuffling or walking and spending more time away from you than with you. This is when babies are ready for the toddler yoga. Mobile really means on the go which normally happens around their first birthday. Saying that of course all babies are different and we do have some early crawlers in the Baby Yoga but they are quite content to still participate with their Mum. Likewise there are some younger babies in the Toddler Yoga that are more confident in their motor skills and enjoy the participation in the older class


When can I keep coming to class until? 

Right up until you meet your baby on the day that they decide to be born. When booking your classes your estimated due date is your 40th week of pregnancy but more realistically most first babies are born between 41 and 42 weeks. So add two weeks onto your due date and your baby will then have their full term to choose their optimal birth-day. 



What if I’ve never done any yoga before?  

That’s fine; many women come to their first yoga class when they are pregnant. Celebrate! You are about to experience something that can become a real source of pleasure, strength and relaxation for your years of parenting to come. 


What should I bring with me?  

Just yourself and a pillow, I will provide all the yoga mats and blocks that we will need. I believe that you have enough to carry growing your baby and your pillow will become something that you will love to have with you at all times throughout your pregnancy so that you can rest and relax whenever and where-ever you may be! 


What should I wear?  

Loose comfortable clothing in layers so that you can remove and add to suit your temperature, making sure that you have something soft and warm to cover up in for the relaxation at the end such as a shawl or long cardigan. 


How do I get there, where is the Passmore Edwards Institute in Hayle?  

It’s on the main road through Hayle on the same side as the Library, opposite the War Memorial and the zebra crossing. Please enter the postcode TR27 4BU and your own into multi-map or similar online for exact directions or go to the Passmore Edwards Website at www.hayle-pei.org.uk/


Where can I park?

There is free parking all the way around the building or if busy on the road opposite.

Copy credited to Mandy Adams